Ce este timpul?

•February 26, 2010 • 4 Comments

Timpul. Unul din cele mai mari “droguri” din ziua de astazi, desi nu suntem constienti de acest lucru. Toti suntem dependenti de timp. De cate ori nu a-ti auzit expresia “ce bine ar fi daca as mai avea putin timp”. O posibila cauza ar putea fi faptul ca nu stim sa ne organizam viata cum ar trebui.

Viteza. Traim intr-o epoca a vitezei. Cei mai multi dintre noi traiesc sub mentalitatea urmatoare : timpul inseamna bani, banii inseamna fericirea si iata ca fericirea, si-ar dori acestia sa dureze o eternitate. Aceasta dorinta este predominanta la nivelul psihicului. Este de fapt, o chestie absolut normala. Cui nu i s-a intamplat, ca atunci cand petrec timp cu o persoana draga, sa isi doreasca ca timpul sa se opreasca in loc? Bineinteles, cu totii am trecut si printr-o situatie mai putin placuta cand vroiam la fel, cand ne doream sa oprim timpul in loc sau sa il dam inapoi. De exemplu, un elev sau un stundent ce se afla in pragul unui examen. Se trezesc ca mai sunt poate cateva ore pana la momentul respectiv si ei nu stiu aproape nimic din materie si aici apar emotiile, care duc la stres si neliniste.

Valoare. Un vechi proverb zicea “Nu lasa pe maine ce poti face astazi”. Intr-adevar. S-a intamplat oricaruia dintre noi sa amanam ceva si de cele mai multe ori sa nu il mai facem deloc in cele din urma. Dar gandind asa, se aduna tot mai multe probleme vrand nevrand si ne trezim ca nu stim ce sa facem.

Organizati-va timpul in functie de prioritati si a importantei acestora si nu lasati factorii din jur sa va influenteze timpul.

Advertising love

•January 16, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Monday, 8AM. Ronnie got up and was getting started for a new week at work at The Agency. Nothing fancy, just the regular routine. But it wasn’t just another Monday like so many others.

While he was walking down the street of the crowded city of Dublin, he accidentally bumped into a young slim girl with short hair. She was carrying a folder with some drawings that she had drawn. She was a street artist. Because he was a gentleman, Ronnie inclined to help her pick up papers. Maybe it was purely accidental or maybe it was fate that they touched each others hands on one drawing. They looked into each others eyes and it was love at first sight. Ronnie invited her for a coffee because he wanted to know her better.

They met during the lunchbreak at a local pub.  Molly was her name. Because of her talent, Ronnie proposed to come with him to The Agency to apply for a job. Molly accepted because she was a little down on money and this could be a big opportunity.

After a few weeks, Ronnie and Molly quited from The Agency because of the new manager who always stole their ideas and they couldn’t stand it anymore. They got married and started their own advertising agency and they lived happily ever after.

The girl that stole my heart

•January 16, 2010 • 2 Comments

About a week ago,
Met a girl, like I never seen before.
I knew I had to know her more,
So I went to her and said hello.

Her face was as pretty as her name,
So I quickly realised my game.
We began to know better and better,
And I tought,I should send her a letter.

But she gave me no home adress,
She only gave me her number.
And that I tought,was sweet of her.

My lucky number was seven,
A lucky number itself,
And I felt like I was in heaven.
She was like an angel sent from above,
And she was as pure,as pure as a white dove.

Now, I can’t wait to meet her again.
To say hello one more time
Is it such a big crime?
I’ll go on a plane or a very expensive train.
To see that girl that’s like a piece of art.
That shall be,forever in my heart.